At 22 letters, “Bellefontaine Neighbors” has the distinction of having the longest name of any incorporated municipality in the US. But with the long name come a long history, deep roots, and a strong sense of community.

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Bellefontaine’s website boasts of “Rich traditions and strong moral values,” a claim supported by the sheer number of community-based churches in the area. Affordable neighborhoods and good highway access has made the area appealing to first time home-owners.


Originally a fort for Spanish and then American soldiers, Bellefontaine slowly grew into a St. Louis suburb through a number of land grants. Bellefontaine Methodist Church, a historic church in the area, can trace its origins back to 1854 when it was founded by James R. Bissell, son of one of the first American commanding generals in charge of the area.


Bellefontaine has easy access to interstate 270 and route 367. It is about 20 minutes from downtown St. Louis and the Arch.


With rich traditions, participatory government, strong moral values and great access to the metro highway network, Bellefontaine Neighbors provides an ideal environment for your family.


From batting cages to bowling lanes to Art studios, Bellefontaine Neighbors has a community full of businesses to keep your family active.


The City of Bellefontaine Neighbors is in the Riverview Gardens School District. Two elementary schools and the senior high are within the city limits.


Rec Center Grounds | 9.3 acres with a playground, open play space, indoor/outdoor pool, and restrooms.

St. Cyr Park | 6.2 acres with picnic shelters, restrooms, picnic tables, playground, softball fields, football/soccer field, and tennis courts.

Tanglewood Park | 6.2 acres with picnic shelter, restrooms, picnic tables, playground, softball field, and football/soccer field.

Bissell Hills Park | 4.4 acre park with picnic shelters, restrooms, picnic tables, and playground.

BelGrove Park | 1.1 acre park with picnic tables and playground.

Pruett Park | 5.1 acre park with multi-use court.

Klein Park | .9 acre park with picnic tables, playground, and gazebo.

Wilderness Park | 10.8 acre park with .8 mile nature trail.

Doherty Park | 4.7 acre park with open play space.

Bella Fontaine County Park | This park offers a trail with playgrounds, basketball courts, athletic fields, tennis courts and fishing.


Population: 11,088

Zip Code: 63137



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